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Extended Essay of Art (English) Anyone?

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I write art EE in pop art. To be specific, the topic is To what extent has western artist Andy Warhol influenced eastern artist Ai Weiwei's work. I have wrote about 700 words, but I find it very confusing. The research I did for preparation work cannot help me at all. I haven't write anything since those 700 words. 

Any advice on art EE? 

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I personally can't help you concerning an art EE, but I can give you this advice:

If the topic isn't interesting enough for you, or you're having too much trouble with it, then consider changing it.
If you're really into art, then you can stick to art and try a different topic. Or start anew and try different subjects.

It's better to change now than a month before the deadline.

Good luck.

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With a Art EE, you want to pace yourself out on research. You don't want to blah blah blah on about the research but you want the paper to read well and well balanced not to front or back heavy. If you just cant get to the word count you need i would susjest changing or re thinking your question so you could still use what you have.You might can expand and have two or three artist if you can fit it in a way the IB will accept. Might can have two artist in your EE topic, if thats the case it might can help you expand your thoughts. With artist like roy lichtenstein, Richard Hamilton, Yayoi Kusama, and Keith Haring. 

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