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Choosing IB Classes for a hopeful biology major

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Hello! As a current tenth grader, I am expected to have my IB class choices in by December/January at the latest. I am very concerned that I might pick the wrong classes, so here are my options:

English Lang/Lit HL (mandatory at my school)

History HL

Biology HL

Chemistry SL (HL isn't offered at my school) OR Visual Arts SL

Spanish SL

Math SL OR Math Studies 

I won't take any precursor chemistry courses until January, so I don't have any clue what the class is like. I am also not super fond of math, which is why I'm wondering whether or not I can take math studs while doing a double science. If I take Chem SL & Math SL along with the other courses, how hard would it be? 

Thanks in advance! ^_^

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Interesting options.

  1. I highly advise taking maths SL. Yes, it may be slightly more difficult now but it'll save you effort in the future. Furthermore, if you feel like maths SL is becoming too much during year 1, you can always change to studies. It's easier changing to studies from SL than vice versa.
  2. Concerning chemistry, it's up to you. Doing chemistry will probably make your life easier later on, but I don't know to what extent. If you're "sciency" then go for it. Once more, normally you can change subjects during IB1, so you could just give it a shot.

I'd say try it. I'm 99% sure that changing from maths SL to studies wouldn't be a problem. From chem to arts I'd say there shouldn't be a problem either, but there's no harm confirming with your coordinator.

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