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My class has just gone over this today and I have some ideas that I wouldn't use myself simply because they were given to the whole class however, you may be able to use them:

- foreign intervention and its influence on the outcome of the spanish civil war (america-centered I believe)

- treaty of versailles: who motivated it, ( two people actually proved and made amazing grades on Germany being deserving of the harsh war reparations) 

I realize now that my area of study is different, however, if you have studied american influence, you can look into the influence of yellow journalism on the desire of america going to war over Cuba. 

And one topic I had once on a test was the influence of the home front vs. the war front on the outcome of the war. Like in America (sorry if I'm being a bit nationalistic or America-centered) there was wartime production and gardens and women taking over, and I believe that without things like this, the war front had more of a difficult time. 


I hope this helps in any way

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"Doing the bombing of Hiroshima" is not really a topic. If you are planning to retell the story of the Hiroshima bombing (if that is what you mean by "doing it") then you can kiss a passing EE grade goodbye.

The originality of the essay does not lie in a subject (i.e. a subject or topic that is unheard of or scantily-treated, the less-known the more chance of originality) but in how you frame your topic and question. There is more chance, actually, of originality and interest in taking an apparently old and worn-out topic and writing about it in a different way. But that requires some measure of basic scholarship. Knowledge. Research. 

You can always introduce some sort of originality in an EE on a well-rehearsed (even tired) historical event, but that depends on your angle and hypothesis/thesis. Your creativity and knowledge and research counts a lot for this. "Doing Hiroshima" does not imply you have done much thinking or research on the topic. If you do some using good, in depth sources (not talking wiki here), you're likely to stumble into something that will allow an interesting and fresh take on an old, seemingly well-trod event. A topic is never too old or tired for a dapper hand.

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