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same Chemistry IA...plagirism?

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Hey guys, so I am doing my Chemistry IA on enthalpy changes of alcohol.. and so I was like half done my experiment (collected data) when I came across an IA topic researching exactly what I am researching, like my introduction, background info are different but our methodology to carry out the experiment is the same and data processing method is the same.... I was wondering is it okay to carry on? I still have my own original data, original background information, original introduction...its just our method to carry out the experiment and the way to find out the calculations is the same....... shall I carry on with my IA?

please do let me know if you have any input on this, thanks.

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Guest TheMagical7

I was researching IAs and EE for Chem when I found this website http://www.mrwengibchemistry.com/ib-chemistry-ias-and-ees.html

The guy said that there were millions of IAs in seashells as there are so many different species. Basically, if you're doing the same methodology as someone else, it's preferable to do it on a slightly different subject matter. 

Maybe you could go even more indepth and explore enthalpy changes of alcohol from some other way. Idk.

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