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IGCSE grade and IB math HL

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Hello, I'm new here :P

I have a question about my IGCSE math results and IB math HL. 

I got a B on my IGCSEs and I'd like to do math HL this year.

The thing is: are there any requirements for IB math? If I got a lower grade than my school would require, can they kick me out of HL math? 

I should also mention that I was predicted a higher grade for my IGCSEs and HL math teacher was also my IGCSE teacher, could this help somehow?

If it is necessary, I'd be able retake my exams.



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IGCSE in my opinion are quite useless compared to A-levels and IB. However, you school manages its own admission. Usually if you are stern about taking HL that's all the school needs to keep you in. 

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