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I am currently in 10th grade and I have to decide between Physics and Chemistry or Biology and Chemistry for the this year. I Chose Physics and Chemistry however I'm not sure If I chose the right subject, due to the fact I'm okay in Math and I usually get a 5 or a 6 in Math in the MYP. I have to decide in a week or so if I want to stay in Physics or move to Biology before the class is too full. The physics in 10th grade is apparently really easy, however I know from my brother that Physics HL is very difficult. I'm stuck between them and have no idea which one to chose, I don't want to waste this year learning something I won't do in the IB, as I will miss out on everything they have learnt the year before. I really need help decided which to chose. My intelligence is average like any other person, my grade currently in the MYP from the last report was 6.44. I could really use help on deciding what I should do. I am a very hardworking student and I will try my best, but will my best get me a good grade in physics HL or do I have to be natural brighter than every other student. I could really use some help. 

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This mostly depends on what you plan to do after you finish school (since there's quite a distinct difference between bio and physics), if you are really into your maths and stuff, i say go ahead straight to physics, it'll be hard to get in  the beginning but when you reach a point you can ace it. Bio on the other hand has alot of content to remember so like if youre kinda better at remembering? it might be a bit easier, but it all really depends what you actually wanna do in uni since this basically decides your course (unless if youre gonna take natural sciences).

Also another note, most uni courses that are "physics" based or engineering based require HL math as well so if youre planning on taking HL physics, you should take HL math too. (unless if you plan to do natural sciences in uni)


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