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Psychology EE help

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently doing my psychology EE and I am investigating to what extend personality influences academic success. 

A counter argument that i am writing about is intelligence influencing academic success. Is it considered not answering the question?

If anyone would like to give me advices on what i should include i would be glad.

Thank u :)

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Alright, first of all, nice try 


it needs to be more precise ... 

For instance, I really recommend you to choose a certain demographic, such as 'To what extent personality influences academic success in adolescents?'

If your teacher says fine, then ignore this advice. 

Now the real answer

It really depends on the personality you choose. In other words, your question is too broad.

You have to think of what personality e.g. being naive

You also have to think of what intelligence. Are you talking about intelligence regarding IQ or memory?  


I strongly recommend you to just change the question. Question is too broad and it's rather casual than classical. Here is the good one 

"To what extent/degree is fMRI scan the most reliable technology to identify (certain mental disorder) in child/adolescence?" 

Well, I hope it helped you. 

If you have a question, I am always open! 

Good luck with your EE m7+sin(90) 

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