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Hi guys, I'm looking for my chemistry IA topic and I'm a bit puzzled by different stuff people are saying. Some websites say that you need to have a lot of different approaches for analysis and your topic has to cross different chapters in the textbook, but yet most published samples on ibo.org include only one approach. So, in a nutshell, could combining an acid and a base or something else basically be a valid research that can get a 7? I would like to ask as well if you guys have any thoughts on whether it's good to do the IA on some topic from organic chemistry. 

Also I have a specific topic: effect of temperature on caffeine in tea for example. Is this a good topic, is it too simple, or how should I judge my topic?

Thanks for responses.

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Technically, you could do an IA on mixing a base and an acid. I'm just not sure about how great your result will end up being. A friend of mine did something along those lines and ended up getting a 3 on it (then again, that could also be because of possible bad format, units, variable control, etc.).

Now keep in mind I'm not a chemist, but I believe an IA in organic chemistry is feasible, yet complicated.

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