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EA/ED and predicted grades

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Hi y'all,

I'm wondering how the predicted grades work for the EA/ED. I want to apply to at least 1-2 schools for non-restrictive Early Action, but my grades 9-11 has been pretty bad, but I've been improving every year so I have to include my grade 12 grades somehow to my applications. So my question is:

- When do PGs become available? Can they be sent by Nov. 1st? (the EA deadline)

My GC said that they can submit a temporary PG by Nov 1 and submit an official fall PG in mid-November, but if that's the case, are the unis gonna care much if the initial one is bad? I moved school for grade 12 (Ik it sucks, I kinda had to) and I don't know how much the teachers will get to know me for the first 2 months.

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PG depend on your high school. Universities take the latter of your grades/reports. If your school is resending in mid-November, they probably will wait for new grades to review your application.

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