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Guest VS314

I was wondering if my History EE research question was good (ie) specific but not so specific that I can't write ~4000 words on it:

To what extent was the leadership of Joseph Stalin responsible for the North Korean invasion of the 38th parallel, leading to the Korean War?

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Basically, it works.  It is phrased in the acceptable (classic) EE way. And it fits within the category "History" (being far enough in the past).

But is it "research-worthy" or "original"?

Somehow, the question/topic seems a little too general or banal...something you could easily read up from a History book or from Wikipedia. To my mind there should be something a little more original, or of obvious interest to scholars. Let's see what others say. That's just my hunch, anyway.

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I don't think this is a good question as it does not allow for a lot of exploration, and you will probably have a reallllllly hard time looking for sources on this. 

If you want to do Korea, try something related to the US, like to what extent was Truman or MacArthur responsible for the exacerbation of the Korean War? Why did the US enter the Korean war, etc. 

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