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Help with planning for IB2 Maths SL.

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I have 2 weeks left of my so called "summer vacation" and i'm now entering IB2, which is where all the stress piles up. My EE and all my IA's are in first draft stage and I'm planning my study schedule. Math has been a weak point (I got a 5 in my final exams.) and I know that regular practice in math gets me the high marks. Therefore my question is how much math practice should I be expecting to do a day?( E.g, A Chapter, 3 sub chapters or an exercise etc. ) Whilst also balancing between my subjects.

Thank you in advance. :D

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The best advice I can give you is to do past papers it's the best way to get a good grade in math.

So you'd have to calculate and work based on the chapters you have seen but you can do a considerable amount of past papers. The programme changed in 2014 so you might see some things you don't need to know (e.g. matrixes) in earlier papers. Nevertheless, counting from 2014 should give you… 12 papers (considering time zones, etc.). I'd say try doing a couple of questions per week, or per day if you have the time.

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