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Incorporate Computer Science into a Music Extended Essay?

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I have 30,000 video-game songs and trained a RBM on them and used that model to create my own game music... I want to incorporate that data and discuss the quality of generation from the computer versus composers. I want to survey people on the quality of songs too (I took IB Psychology so I can do the experiment part accurately). Is this a computer science, Biology (human behavior), or music IA? I think this is a really interesting topic and wish to pursue it. Please help me understand which Topic to put my idea under if its at all possible. Thank you in advance!

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Guest TheMagical7

Personally, I prefer science and all that is not subjective so don't let me discourage you. To me, your topic is extremely subjective and unless you're a famous composer yourself, I can't imagine how difficult it would be for you to challenge other composers.

It can be either computer science or music IA, but it seems that you wish to explore it through the music perspective.

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