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ITGS IA - Have I spread myself too thin?

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For my IA, I'm making both a website and a database, and trying to link them. Yes, most IAs would probably be one or the other but I figured, since I've made some websites before it would be easy, and so I could take on making a database as something new while expanding on my website-making with the linking. I'm using Microsoft Access (despite much of the online community's suggestions) because Microsoft Office products are so easy to learn with, and Dreamweaver. 

The thing is, I'm running out of time - as per the usual in IB - and I'm getting a lot of issues that I don't know how to solve, because I've now been forced into using coding languages I don't know. I'm sure I can manage everything I want to if I have the time to work on it, but it's due in a couple weeks. My teacher is very wishy-washy with deadlines, though, so I could get an extension if I need one. (Which reminds me, does anyone know what the official IB deadlines are for IAs, EEs, etc? or where I could find them?) 

So my question is, would it be possible/advisable to maybe drop the website aspect of the project, and focus on the database? I feel like it would be too simple, though, to really get me a high grade. Either way, the client's needs won't be a problem - he's my dad, he'll agree to whatever - and my teacher just wants me to not make a simple website again. But is it too late to switch? I don't know how normal it is for an ITGS student to have to deal with coding and in-depth website development, when the subject itself hardly has anything to do with that. How much of the grade is based on the actual project, rather than the planning, meeting the clients needs, and such?

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In terms of deadlines from the IB, the IA grade upload data for May 2018 examinations is around Feb/Mar.

As for your project, a website would be feasible under the 'Multimedia' product type as defined by the IB. And of course databases are also accepted.

Combining the two would be a very laborious task and would like fall under the coding type of project given you will need to use a technology such as ASP.NET to link the site to the database.

You could make a website as long as you meet 3 of the advanced criteria for a multimedia product (Possible Products link).

For the grading side, your product will achieve a mark from criterion G (Required Elements) if it functions properly. And if you document the advanced techniques and explain them, there are 7 marks available for Criterion E (Product Development).

Your main focus should be on documenting the process as well as possible within the recommended 2000 word limit.

Hope this helps!



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I ended up making a website with a form that appends a database, and I have my three advanced criteria so the product's alright. But now that you've mentioned...

On 10/30/2017 at 9:44 AM, ITGS KIT said:

'Multimedia' product type as defined by the IB

Product type defined by IB? We were never told about those... I was already concerned that my teacher wasn't giving us all the info we might need.
On the same note, for my complex techniques in Criterion E, I know that they should be from a list that's on the OCC, but our teacher never gave us that and when I mentioned it to her she cleraly didn't know what I was talking about. Am I wrong that we need these or has she really been missing things? It's my school's first year with IB and there's an ongoing joke in school about how disorganized it all is, so I wouldn't doubt it. If we are missing necessary info, are they available here or should I look somewhere else? I don't think my teacher would take my word to check on the OCC...

Thanks for your time, sorry for all the questions!

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Hi Kilwee,

Our pleasure to answer your questions!

You definitely need to include the techniques for Criterion E (Possible Products link) and document/explain how you used them otherwise you will receive low/no marks for criterion E (7 marks available).

The necessary info that you need for the IA and the examination papers can be found on http://itgskit.com/IA1.html. We hope that it can be a useful resource for you and your school!  We made an IA checklist as well to help make sure you include all the correct documentation!

Let us know how you're getting along, we're always happy to help ^_^


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