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You might want to be careful choosing an RLS which has very strong controversy. Your KQ could turn into an ethical dilemma over whether this is right or not. If you are careful not to steer in that direction, then perhaps you can focus on how this action inspired more awareness of transphobia, ultimately leading to people showing more and more support for transgender people. Maybe something like how our emotion influences our ethics? You could try to make a KQ out of that. Again, be careful not to make it a question of whether it is right or wrong, but more of HOW everyone chooses what is right or wrong.

I'm not sure if this helped at all, but if you have more questions feel free to ask.


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yeah we are making a rough draft right now and my question was :To what extent is it the right of others to determine what is moral? I have to talk to my teacher about my presentation topic on tuesday and i will probably change my question at that point. I think you helped me because I do not  want to lose points on going on a ethical dilemma or something. thank you 

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