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Hello! I'm really desperate. I 'm on my last year of IBDP and my math SL teacher hasn't taught me a single thing, so I realised that I won't survive without a tutor. Does anybody know a good Math SL online tutor that could help me review the syllabus and write my IA. If not a specific tutor maybe you can advise a  good online tutors website? It would also be nice if the price per hour wouldn't exceed 10-15 euro 

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Check with your school to see if they don't have any specific references (or go-to people) if that's a possibility. You could also have a look at a local university to see if maybe a student might be able to help you.

Online tutors
I know studynova offers online tutoring, but I've personally never used it. Unfortunately, neither have any of my classmates, so I can't really confirm the quality. Nevertheless, I used the maths SL revision courses and those were good, so I'd be surprised if the tutoring were bad. On the downside, the price range is slightly above what you mentioned. https://studynova.com/online-ib-tutors/

Otherwise, Chegg seems to be equally well-known, but I have no idea about the quality or price. https://www.chegg.com/tutors/IB-Mathematics-SL-online-tutoring/

If you're lucky, maybe an alumnus here might be able to help you. I'd personally love to, but I also have my weaknesses and it would, therefore, depend on which topics you're having the most trouble with as well as the timing.

In any case, I wish you the best of luck.

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