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Need Chemistry IA Topics!!!

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I currently have an idea for my chemistry IA, but I can't find any previous lab work done on this specific topic. My topic is:


What are the effects of the rate of reaction of sodium bicarbonate when combined with different pH levels of acids


To what extent is the amount of CO2 collected from a sodium bicarbonate reaction affected when combined with different pH levels of acidity. 


Which topic should I pick or should I just scrap what I have and find another experiment.


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Not being able to find a previous lab work with your specific topic isn't necessarily a bad thing, and could even be seen as a plus.

I'd personally opt for the first formulation because that's how I learned it in my school (type "What is the effect of x on y?"). You could also try making a mix of the two, taking the first one as a base and adding the "amount of CO2 collected".

Good luck.

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