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So this is especially for people who are struggling with Economics in their DP (like I did) and are aiming for a high-score. My teacher (who is an experienced IB economics teacher and examiner and who helped me get a 7 in Economics HL) has come up with this unique way of supporting students across the IB spectrum and help them achieve the top marks they deserve.

She's hosting an assessment preparation weekend which will cover strategies to ace the assessments for both the internal and external components of the IB economics exam.

To know more and register your interest, kindly go to https://goo.gl/forms/BS193aryx8zEFgqR2

PM me if you have any questions, I will forward them to her :)

Hope this helps _^

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Hey, I would like to ask if you don't mind sharing some of the sources you used when doing IB Econ, I mean websites, because I have the perfect combination of textbooks and the oxford study guide


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Speaking of IB Econ HL, I strongly recommend every doing it that they have both Oxford and Cambridge textbooks. The oxford textbook really explains everything perfectly. The Cambridge one has a different approach on certain sections but it's really good for questions including math (it explains well just not as good as the oxford book in some sections). 


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