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How can one not exceed 500-word limit in the Reflection of the new 2018 Extended Essay?

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Our cohort is submitting our Extended Essays in 2018 but the new Reflection session confuses me. We have to address many criteria in only 500 words and we have to reflect on three reflection sessions.

How is this possible?

Do we have to address every criterion in each of our the three reflection sessions or can we spread the criteria across the three? If we divide the 500 words equally, then we have around 166 words for each reflection.

Does anybody have any advice that is NOT cheating or against guidelines? If there are any IB teachers reading this, what do you think?

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Examiners award you marks based on your essay. Reflections are to supplement Criterion E Engagement, which may be very difficult to show in some essays. So you only have to focus on Engagement in the RPPF. This will likely include how your prepared for your meeting.

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Thank you. So we have to address engagement in our essays as well and the Reflections only have to address engagement? Our teacher said that it had to address approaches to learning and decision-making as well.

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