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Math SL in 22 weeks

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So last year our school was unable to provide us with a Math SL teacher considering only three students took it. We were registered on Pamoja, which turned into a giant mess. Long story short, we wasted a whole year. This year we were finally provided with a teacher and I personally sought out a tutor. Do you think it's possible to finish two years worth of Math SL content before the exams in May? Any tips or advice I should keep in mind?

Our math teacher suggested not worrying about the content we should have learnt last year and shouldn't try to do multiple topics at the same time, even in our own time. Is that good advice?

Thanks in advance!

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It honestly depends on how good you are. I personally wouldn't be able to do it, but that doesn't mean you can't.

His advice is solid; it's always good trying to avoid mixing up subjects. Nonetheless, if you can simultaneously work on last year's topics in your personal time, then you should definitely do that. I also advise using past papers to get ready.

Good luck.

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I also agree with your teacher's advice; it is very easy to get confused if you're doing multiple topics simultaneously. I found it best to focus on each topic individually, and perhaps sometimes set a day or two for review of one past topic every now and then so you don't forget. Past papers are always great, as @Martijn.S mentioned, and you shouldn't wait until the end to start doing them - there are more than enough past papers online to practice with, especially for maths, which doesn't really have any major syllabus changes usually. 

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