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Arts- a soft subject? Theatre vs visual arts

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I'm thinking about my subject choices and I'm intrigued by theatre and visual arts. However, I'm scared they'll be seen as "soft subjects" in uni. Is this true? I'm thinking about either taking one of the art subjects or then global politics. Also, how would you describe the differences between visual arts and theatre? Is one harder or more time consuming than the other? Any and all experiences and tips are welcome!

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Greetings, A Uni. normally don't care about what your "soft" subject is. If your grades are good in Art over your grades in Global Politics i would take Art. For both film and visual arts there lots more writing then you would think. I will post two thinks by the IB showing you whats expected of you in both classes 



If you need more information PM and i have some other links i can send you. 

They will be very similar in the workload you will have to do. Comes down to what your job might be, or what you will have more fun doing. 

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