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Hi guys,

i'm really confused what what ib expects for a chemistry ia topic and would like to know whether a topic doesn't have to be measuring an effect of something, or can be also just determination of concentration of substance.

Thanks for replies!

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It's advised you write your research question under the form of "What is the effect of X on Y?" (X being the independent variable, Y the dependent one).

You could, for example, say: "What is the effect of the concentration of [product] on [catalyser]?". From that, you could find an ideal concentration, where the catalyser works at maximum efficiency. Through this process, you would have determined an ideal concentration of a substance.

The problem with "determination of the concentration of a substance", is that it would generally be more qualitative rather than quantitative (that's my opinion, in any case).

It might indeed be a good idea to have a look at IA samples from the IB, as @HappyIB:) said. They generally have examiner notes on them and can be of great use if you're not sure about what the IB expects.

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