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Biology IA Osmosis guidance

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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry for bothering everyone, but I need help on this one. The only internal assessment I have left to would be the Biology IA, and I am terrible at Biology. Don't get me wrong. I love working in labs and giving my all est to get the best result. However, I am stuck on finding a research question that's osmosis related. If anyone could just give me a tip on how to find a research question related to Osmosis, I'd be very thankful. If not, that's okay as well.

Kind regards,


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You should watch out with using osmosis as an IA topic because it's one of the compulsory practicals to do: "Estimation of osmolarity in tissues by bathing samples in hypotonic and hypertonic solutions."

I'm sure there are possible topics you can do with osmosis, just keep in mind that you should stay away from the topic mentioned above.

You can have a look here: http://www.nuffieldfoundation.org/practical-biology/osmosis there should be something interesting there. Remember that your question should be formulated as "What is the effect of X on Y?"

Good luck.

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