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Absent Pre-IB Biology Teacher

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So, I'm only just starting the Pre-IB program, so this is all new to me. I'm concerned that my biology teacher will be on maternity leave until early next year, and our "substitute" has hardly been giving us any proper instruction in the subject. We're trying to get something done, but is there any way that myself and my peers could teach ourselves the subject? Is there any need to? Actually, could you explain the requirements/exams that we have to take in Pre-IB, too? I feel unprepared and nervous. Thank you!

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Unlike MYP, pre-IB is not an official part of the IB. All of your requirements are local requirements and they differ from region to region, so you would have to ask your school about examinations, requirements, etc..

It is entirely possible to teach yourself a subject. There are tons of articles, videos, practice problems, etc. that are just a Google search away. See if you can get your hands on a textbook since the bulk of your lessons probably come from there. It just takes a little bit of dedication and discipline, don't let one teacher ruin your whole career. Good luck :)

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