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Choosing IB subjects

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I'm going to be in 11. grade this year which means I'm going to start the IBDP.

My classes are so far:

Math SL

Computer Science SL

Slovakian Lit SL

History HL

Economics HL

And for the 3. HL I'm debating whether to do English Language and Literature HL or English B HL. I heard English B HL is much easier and because of this, it's easier to get a good grade in it. I'm planning on studying International Relations or Politics in university after the IB program, hopefully in the UK, my dream school would be LSE or Oxbridge, and as I looked they don't really care which one I choose since it's not specified in the entry requirements. Also most universities in the UK and EU accepts both English A and B for English Language Requirement which needed for students who comes from a non-english speaking country. So my question would be, is it worth to study English A, or should I just go with English B in order to be able to focus more on other subjects? Are they going to care when I apply which one I studied?


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Guest TheMagical7

I don't know about these universities so contact them directly yourself. Phone them?

On another note English A SL will be fairly hard if you don't have already have skill in analysing texts. From a grade-point of view, to be competitive, English B HL sounds good.

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You can also go with English literature if you trust your language. There are very little difference between HL and SL English Lang. You can also pick English B but depending from your universities, they might require English lang and literature.

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