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Course Selection for LAW

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Hello! I want to apply for Law in both Germany and the UK (including Oxbridge).

My subjects are: HL: History, English, Biology (because of german requirements)

                           SL: Greek, Math and now I have to choose between B&M, Econ, Theatre Arts (I wanted psychology but my school can't offer it)

I had a look at the text books, but I still can't decide. Which do you think is the wisest choice to make? What academic strenghts are required by each one of them?

Thank you in advance :)

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It depends on what type of law you want to study. Econ would be a good choice if you want to study economic law, same with business. Theatre would be an easy way out of exams but do not get me wrong it requires a lot of dedication and tbh I would not choose it unless you are interested.

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So they analyze and write about theatre in general and also create their own piece? Do you think it is more time-consuming than Econ or Business?

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