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Could This Be a World Religions EE?

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So I did not realize that the subject your EE is under actually matters and affects how each EE is assessed. I just came up w my RQ and never actually looked into subject requirements. My research question is "To What Extent do the Different Interpretations of the Quran Reflect in the 9/11 Attacks by Al Queda?" and I originally had it under World Studies before I realized that it definitely is not a World studies EE. All the online guides I've looked at have been fairly vague so any help would be appreciated! In my essay I analyze Radical Islam and Islam so I believe it could fall under World Religions but I'm not too sure. Also, in my EE I explain the history of Radical Islam showing how it became such an extreme split off of Islam, and I analyze the motives behind 9/11. If it does fall under World Religions then do you have any suggestions for any interesting approaches I could include? I was going to analyze certain parts of the Quran which is used to 'justify' Radical Islam, but that seems a bit bland, any ideas on how to spice it up? Maybe interviews?

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I don't think your question makes much sense. It may be just the phrasing.  

Do you mean "To what extent was the 9/11 attack justified by some interpretations of the Koran"? I think you can answer that off the top of your head, in one sentence and without any research. The answer is "yes, very much so". There is plenty in the Koran and the Old Testament Bible inciting credulous adherents to 1) treat women as inferiors and incubators of future male religious heros (bearded, for the most part); 2) smite their non-believer foes; 3) destroy the progeny of all their foes;  4) raze the cities of those who enjoy life and the sweet earthly pleasures (S. Gomorrah);  5) commit all sorts of atrocities in the name of their jealous, insecure god (small "g" intended),  which includes stoning and the gouging out of eyes.

Anything goes, if your god says so 

So the answer to your question with regards to any violence committed in the name of allah or yahweh is kinda obvious.

Perhaps a more conducive avenue of research for your EE as you intend it might be  "To what extent is Islam a religion of peace, as claimed by muslims / revealed by the Koran?"  or something to that effect.  It is clearer and would allow you plenty of interpretive room as well as a good avenue to a worthwhile argument. You would also be able to discuss the advantages and limits of such a question, which would count as "evaluation" in your essay.  The main thing is to make your question crystal clear and something you can argue. 

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