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TOK Presentation Topic HELP

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I'm very desperate to earn the bonus points I need to get into my top uni. My TOK presentation is in 10-14days, and I am having serious trouble finding a real life situation, I need it to be good. 

I had one, which I worked quite a bit on, but I put it on halt because I realized that it isn't strong enough to get me (us) an A. It was about economics: specifically about equality, and how we know if taxing rich people is justifiable, and how we know if we are taxing the right people. I would have also included how developed countries are to ignite parallel technological developments for non-developed countries, and since non-developed countries grow faster, equality would be reached. At this point I found that the questions about knowledge would end up being very weak, and that the taxation component wasn't really that strong either.

So I need something new, I just can't find anything, we worked on ethics (which our teacher is insanely against us doing for TOK presentation since he never saw a good one), and as a class we looked primarly at the Natural and Human Sciences. Since im not a strong natural scientist (maybe physics a bit, but my partner knows nothing about physics), I would really like to find something with economics (which I take at HL) and I also took ITGS (not really a human science, but I like the subject), or otherwise another human sciency thing. I just need something that can get me the marks. 

My partner is absolutely useless, but if I make him get to work he probably will, but for now he can't come up with anything either. So if anyone has something good, I would be INSANELY GRATEFUL.


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Hi. First, keep in mind that a good presentation doesn't only look at one area of knowledge, but tries to apply the question and RLS to as many areas as possible.

If you want to do something along the line of poverty and its "fairness", you could have a look at the indigenous knowledge systems, human sciences (as you said; econ, but maybe also psycho?), history, and possibly ethics areas. 

The question my partner and I did was about knowing the origin of conflicts, applying it to 6 domain areas, which ended up getting us a B for the presentation. You need to, before all, make sure that you can apply everything to your RLS (which is probably why we didn't get A).

Good luck.

NB. please avoid posting the same thread twice in different forums. Just so you know for the future.

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