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Madeleine Råstedt

How hard is bio SL?


I'm starting my IB1 year soon and I'm wondering which subjecs I should take. I absolutely suck at maths like no other and I don't particularly like sciences. With keeping this in mind, is SL bio impossible? I need to take at least one and I feel bio would be easiest for me because I have a relatively good memory and it's the least "sciencey" subject. Am I making the right choice? How hard is it? 

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You're pretty correct about the sciences. Biology is the most "learning" subject and uses the least numbers and calculations compared to physics and chemistry. 

The difficulty will be different depending on who you ask; I did HL and thought it was alright. A classmate of mine did SL and struggled a lot. So it really depends on who you are.

If you're able to "learn by heart" and can find some motivation for the subject, it's very plausible to get a good grade. Considering you're saying maths isn't your cup of tea, and you have "a relatively good memory", then bio SL is indeed what I would advise as an experimental science.

Best of luck.

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