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Last year of IB

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Guys, any ideas on how to pass through IB in 1 year. I have the last year of IB but i didn't do a lot in my beginner year due to several problems. I have no problems in CAS  since I've already done it. I know all the topics for my IA's. However, IA's are not finished yet. I've finished my TOK presentation but my EE is not done completely. So, in general, EE is not done, I have the IA topics but the IA's are not done and I have to revise the core topics in every subject. How can I manage this all?!!!

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To be honest, you still seem pretty alright. I mean you finished your CAS, your TOK oral, and you have your IA subjects.

At this point, the best way of proceeding is by working on a regular basis. Work whenever you have time and try being as consistent as possible.

Good luck.

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