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Unique Extracurricular vs. 4 HLs

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Um...so the problem is below: I am doing a project called The Periodic Graphics of Elements which basically use graphic design/illustration to visualise and introduce chemical elements. Now I have 30 graphics finished out of 118, and when I hit 50, I am planning to submit the project as a supplementary material for universities along with my art portfolio. (You guys can look at those graphics at my program Alchemy:  

For that project I have received several good recognition, publication, awards and a handful of followers. My teachers say that this is a 'masterpiece' project and I should carry it on. Specifically, my chem teacher mentioned that people will love my passion and hardwork and no one cares about 4 HLs (I have heard about some people say that 4 HLs could show dedication and hard work as well to the adcoms). 

So what do you guys think? I choose to keep on my project but I would also like to hear you guys opinions :) Do you guys think unique extracurriculars or dedication towards an extra subject is more important?

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