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My class is starting the TOK presentations next week and my topic is assisted suicide. I'm gonna be focusing on how religions affect the ethics of euthanasia. My teacher suggested that I focus on how the different religions came to their own conclusions regarding this. Basically he said that often times students only describe the stances of said religions, not the process behind those stances. Any ideas on how to approach this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Greetings, I like your teachers idea! I would approach it looking into each major religion and why they say its in moral/ wrong or have no say. Once you have a few slides talking about each religion. See if you can find or make a table, probably will have to make a table of the differences and same's of each rellgion. Your first few minutes can introduce the topic at hand, while the middle can be talking over each religion and their stance on it, and the end can be the differences and the same's of the Religions. Hope that helped in some way. Make sure to use many AOK in your presentation relating them back to your main point each time.

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The way you present your idea sounds like a basic school presentation (factual, with some different perspectives thrown in), rather than an appropriate TOK presentation. The previous post makes passing mention of AOKs, which is a start, but there is much more to the TOK pres. than that. You have not included any of the TOK terms and therefore you may be doing something very different than what is required.

It is difficult to say more without knowing where you are in terms of TOK understanding/readiness. 

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