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World Studies Extended Essay

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Hi everyone, 

I wanted to do my EE in World Studies, but most of the staff in my school suggest I do not because none have ever moderated a World Studies essay. I was wondering if anyone who has completed a World Studies essay could give me a rundown of the process. How did you apply the interdisciplinary approach? What were the challenges and advantages? How did you choose your moderator? Do you think you are more or less likely to score well with a World Studies approach? My main concern is that the courses I am taking are Eng, French, History, Physics, Chem, and Math, so most are not appropriate for an interdisciplinary approach. If anyone can think of a topic which would combine these disciplines, that would be super helpful. I am particularly interested in Latin American history. I know this is a lot of questions, but I feel like I have been going in circles for the past month and any help I could get would be greatly appreciated!!!

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