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I just started my first week of DP 1, two days ago and I'm already doubting myself and I'm mentally stressed even though we haven't even done that much. Everything's just been a bit overwhelming. I have chosen the following HLs: Chem, Bio and English A Lit and SLs: Spanish, Math and Geography. I think what's giving me anxiety is Chemistry HL or just the idea of taking 2 sciences as HL. People are constantly telling me: "you're committing suicide" "You won't be able to get anything higher than a 5" "it's going to bring down your average". I think these comments are getting to my head, especially because my chemistry teacher is not the best teacher, so i'm also stressed that that will bring me down. I'm just hoping for a couple tips to help me get through the first term of DP1 

Thank you :)

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I'd suggest, unless you require Chem + Bio for uni, maybe consider dropping one to SL and raising another course up to HL, if you're good at Spanish, Math, or Geography, raise one of them up to HL. But if you require them, i'd suggest maybe dropping English A and raise another class up vice versa instead of dropping the other two, just depends what course you'd think you could do in HL, Spanish or Geography might be easier than raising Math up to HL. Hope this helps :) 

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I would not let the comments get to you unless you know yourself that sciences are not your strengths... It is possible to achieve amazing grades in two sciences at HL. If you think it is too much I suggest dropping one and either doing Geo or Spanish HL (I would not suggest math). 


Hope this helps :) 

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