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Starting IB a month late, advice?

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Hi, my two potential schools started the IBDP program about a month ago, and i've arrived back to the country i'm studying only a few days ago, so i'm slightly terrified because i'm starting quite late, and i'm already doubting my ability to cope, and i'm not sure whether to just take the full diploma, or do certificates in 3-4 subjects + my school's regular program depending which one my parents choose as one's a bit more expensive but of higher quality (Either a school that has no classes aside from IBDP except the SAT subject tests and SAT itself and another two classes, or a school that offers Canadian curriculum + IB to those who want to take a few IB courses or only IB). I'm not sure what I should do this first week, as i'll be likely behind A LOT (not sure how much stuff is covered but it seems like a lot), and I'm leaning towards certificates as I can't honestly succeed in 6 classes + TOK, EE, and CAS with a month behind, any advice? Thank you for anything shared, I'm really needing the help.

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Greetings, IB is tough and never easy to tackle when you start on day one let alone a mouth behind . That being said it can be dome depending on how much you want to get the full diploma. If you are not confident you can tackle the whole diploma i would lean towards certificates. If your school is "nice" they might have you try the full diploma and if its too much drop you down. If you done have a option in that matter i would lean towards where you fell the most confident. That being said the IB is done over two years so if you really push yourself you might can get the full diploma and pat yourself on the back. It really comes down to how you fell about your studies and time management. 

The IB is all about time management ! if you have a good system you might can take on the full deal. But ether way i would read over the thread on organization from here if you haven't already.    

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