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Hi! I am in grade 11 full IB

I am still in the process of choosing a topic for my history extended essay. I have come up with several tentative topics, and a few research questions.

1. Chinese Cultural Revolution 

2. Armenian Genocide - To what extent does the Armenian Genocide affect modern Turkish-Armenian relations? >> I feel like this one may be too obvious. Does 'Turkish-Armenian relations' need to be narrowed down?

3. French Revolution - To what extent did the French Revolution improve French society? >> I feel like this one may be too simple? 'Society' may change

4. Civil Rights Movement - To what extent is American racism and racial segregation during the American Civil Rights Movement connected to Western colonization of the world during the same time period? >> Although this one I think has the most potential/detail, I do think that it may need to be edited or reworded

For all of the topics, I have not done very much preliminary research (I know I should). Which one do you think has the most potential? Thank you!!!!


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