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Hello, my fellow IB students. I'm seeking help for my English B Extended Essay, I already have my topic, RQ, but I'm struggling with the overall approach to it. The EE is going to be focused on how Trump effectively used communication (persuasive language, tweets, etc.) to succeed in his presidential campaign because I'm fascinated by this crazy phenomenon. I have plenty of info and ideas already, I'm just not sure how to appropriately put them all together and that is why I need help very bad. If anyone is willing to give me working tips suitable for my EE, I'd be more than happy. I don't want to give my exact topic, rq, etc. online, so comment here and I'll send you a private message.

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A fine idea and topic, though perhaps well covered already by others.

Organize your essay logically and in the form of an argument. Start with a strong thesis and follow through on it.

Message me if you like, but you must actually think about this yourself.  This is, after all, an important part of your assessment.  We cannot (and should not) tell you how you should organize and arrange your thoughts and argument using the details you have gathered so far.

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