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French B SL VS. French Ab-Initio

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Hi, i'm slightly confused as i'm taking French as a second language at my school, however for some reason only French B is offered as Group 2, but French Ab Initio is for some reason only allowed as a Group 6, however I am required to take Visual Arts as an HL, as i'm applying for Design in university and thus will require that class, should I just bite the bullet and take French B SL, or maybe explain this to my IB Coordinator or a School Counselor, as I haven't taken any french class yet, is there a MAJOR difference in French B or Ab-Initio (I'm from Brazil and I speak Portuguese, which is Romance Latin based like French, so I could understand SOME, not sure which to take as I absolutely cannot not take VA, it's require as I said before for university)

P.S what book would you recommend for a first time French learner, I've already got DuoLingo, i'd like an additional thing to learn french from if anyone knows any good cheap books :P )

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Yes. French ab initio is for absolute beginners -- I mean real beginners, with no prior knowledge of French. French B is for those with sufficient knowledge and experience,to be able to write and communicate at more than an elementary level. If you've never taken French before or cannot say more than a few sentences, then ab initio it is.

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