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IB Physics IA help

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Hello, everyone.

I spent over 2 weeks in this summer trying to write a simulation for Stefan Boltzmann law and finally, i have finished and the simulation was very successful. It was almost the exact model of Stefan Boltzmann apparatus. The simulation takes parameters and calculates the change in temperature by time then I calculate this with another simulation. So when I gave this to my teacher she said that this is not good for the Physics IA and you need to find the relationship between the Intensity and temperature.I searched the sample Internal Assessments and almost all of them were about calculating some constant. I used this source for my Physics IA 


There is also the list of Apparatuses that work with a heater like my simulation. In fact almost all of them.


So can anyone tell me whether I am wrong or my teacher is misunderstanding something and how can I explain this to her?

Any help will be appreciated 

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