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This year is my first year in iB. To get a high-ranked university, (which is about computer science(s)) I picked Math(HL)-Phys(HL)-Eng(HL)-VArts(SL)-ESS(SL)-Turkish (native-SL). Will these subjects be ok? Or any suggestions? I didn't want to study chemistry 'cause of my interests, should I go without it?                              

Thanks :)                                    

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Your HL subjects are pretty good (however difficult). Visual Arts is not a preferred subject for many universities, but I don't really think one subject (especially at SL) would matter.You should also keep in mind that Art is VERY time consuming at both HL and SL level. As for chemistry, you should only take it if you are really interested in it and want to do something related to it in the future. I'm not experienced with it myself, but for a glimpse of how hard it is: three people in my class got an A* in it in IGCSEs but they find it really hard now. One boy started crying after his first test, though I think they will get better at it as time passes by. 

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Thanks for your comment. Well, I'm not gonna do anything which is related to chemistry. But on the other hand, I did not see any university that requieres both for cs. And I picked the subject which is better for me, which is gonna be easier for me. :)

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