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SL Math IA - Will Using a Calculator Get You Marks?

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Hey guys,

I'm currently doing my Maths IA on correlation and I was looking at samples from the IBO and from different places on the internet. People seem to always calculate what Pearson's correlation coefficient and averages are manually when they can do it on their graphical calculator and include a snapshot. I'm doing that but because everyone is doing it manually, I'm starting to wonder whether doing it on my calculator will get me marks in Criterion E: Use of Mathematics. Also, literally my whole IA is based on snapshots from my graphical calculator - will that get me marks?

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In my opinion, there are 3 levels to explaining a formula. The top level is an original derivation of formula, and stating any assumptions. The medium level is give an explanation of how it works without going into assumptions or derivation. The bottom level is just plugging in values. Whether you do bottom level by hand or use a spreadsheet it doesnt make much difference. It's more important to show understanding of a formula instead how to plug in values. Best IAs will likely include all 3 levels.

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