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Some Ib Questions

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Hi, im in IB and wondering how the marking system differs from the regular Ontario curriculum? (I am a Peel Student). Also, is the IB workload insanely hard as people say or is it just a bluff? Thanks in Advance

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I did IB in a nearby district (Halton)

SL is almost the same as the Ontario curriculum for most subjects, but the assignments are harder and more in depth. The only difference is SL Math, which is actually easier than Ontario Grade 12 maths.

HL content will go above and beyond Ontario and is equivalent to first year university.

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IB places more emphasis on final exams (50%-100%, mostly 70-80%), as opposed to Ontario (20-30%). IB questions are harder: if Ontario average is 80, IB raw grades average is 60%. However, because IB finals worth so much, sometimes it's hard to tell what grade you are from in class tests. 

Teachers have no control what goes on IB exams. In the provincial curriculum, teachers can mostly pick and choose what to teach and how much in depth, and will include questions very similar to lecture examples. In IB, teachers have to use their experience to determine what type of questions will likely appear, but IB writes mostly new questions every year. 

Regarding workload, typically schools with little experience will make you work more because they are not familiar with IB exams (although IB does change syllabus every few years). In general every day there are probably 3-4 hours of homework if aiming for like a 6 in every class. 

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