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Hey there!

I'm a student from Poland and I'm about to start my IB Programme next year.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with my subjects choices.

The subject that is required in Poland is actually Polish and I want to take Polish SL.

I also want to take Spanish HL and English HL and I'm sure about it.

Now, I'm not quite sure yet about other subjects. I need to take Maths, but now I have no idea whether I should take it SL or HL? I've always had A's in Maths but I know that HL Maths is difficult and I just don't know. Especially that based on what I know, most tasks are  "Prove this and that..." and I hate proofs. 

Then, about social studies. I was thinking about Psychology SL (if I took Maths HL) or Geography HL (with Maths SL). Could you tell me your opinion on those subjects? Tbh I think that I would like Geo more but I heard that in my high school Psychology's so much better, our teacher is really cool. I don't know whether I should take the class I like more or the one that is more fun, cause we I don't expect a lot of it in other classes.

And, the last subjects (yeah, forget TOK) - physical sciences. I don't know why, but in my school we don't really have a choice there. We only have biology, chemistry and physcis. I would definetly take it SL cause I suck at all of them. And yes, my grades are good in those too (A's and B's) but I just don't like them. Which one did you take and would you recommend it?

If I could I would also take Photography but my school doesn't offer it, so I have to deal with what they have.

I would really appreciate your help and every single answer.


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The only person I know who took Math HL and group 4 at SL is that he wants to go into business/economics, though he took Physics SL and Biology SL. With tha tin mind, you probably should take SL. However, give HL a chance if you really really like math (doesnt matter if you are good at it or not). 

In both psychology and geography, you have to know a lots of case studies. All group 3s have lots of writing. Most definitely not coloring maps and such. 

Physics and chemistry focus bit more on conceptual understanding, while biology deals more with details. Physics SL may seem more disjointed than Chemistry SL. In many ways, chemistry may be more abstract, especially regarding atomic structure and redox and organic chemistry.

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