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My G4p Project got destroyed....

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Ok so my group and i made our g4p presentation a couple weeks back
and we have submitted our board for evaluation by our teachers
it turns out that they have left our boards on the back of the bio room and a gr 12 environmental science class came in...
One person took our g4p board and ripped it up so she could use it for her environ sci presentation without our consent or the teacher's cosent ;) :P
so now our board is completely destroyed with a freakin save the whales posted on the back
The problem is... our board got destroyed b4 our teacher marked it and no one took a picture of it... therefore we have no proof to send to IB that we did our G4P project... so anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

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The only evidence my school provides is a page of evaluation that each student has to write about their role in the project. Maybe you can revert to that?

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