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I was curious about the plagiarism in IB. This is a hypothetical situation:

Suppose, I download an EE online, which scored an A, and I rephrase the content (overall meaning remains the same). Turnitin will not give a very high percentage of plagiarism, due to the rephrasing, and suppose I get a plagiarism of 20%. But if you see my edited EE and the original one, you can clearly see I have copied off of it. Since IB examiners won't be checking each and every online EE side by side, is it possible that I could get away with this?

And another situation, suppose I downloaded my IA again online and rephrased it. My IA is one of the selected samples which are sent to IB. Only this time I do get caught by IB. Since mine gets caught, will IB do anything to me? Will the marks of my classmates reduce?

What are the outcomes of doing this?


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Don't risk it. IB tends to be very thorough with their checking, and you can count on them loading that same essay online and checking for similarities.

If you get caught cheating by the IB in any way, you're going to fail the diploma program. Whether or not your classmates get penalized is up to them.

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