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I'm planning on doing an experiment on the effect of antacids on protein digestion - using the enzyme and acid to recreate stomach conditions. I will then test for how much protein has been digested.

I have a feeling the antacid is basically just altering the pH - which I could do it simply by changing the acid's concentration. 

I'd like to use the antacid but is the antacid an unnecessary step?


Another experiment I could do is testing the effect of antibiotics on seed germination. 

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Adding the antacid is  the same as increasing the acid's pH by diluting the acid. If you want to differentiate it, don't label pH as the independent variable, label the amount of antacid (in g or mg or ml) used as the IV. You could then compare the different prescribed amounts antacids and its effect on protein digestion or, different types of antacids and its effect on protein digestion or even different brands of antacids on protein digestion.

I also like the antibiotics on seed germination experiment. I think it is very relevant to today's problems. Then again, I may be a little biased because  my Bio IA had a similar topic (and the IA scored pretty well). I am  confident if you have a good experimental design and a good write-up the second idea has the potential to score really well.

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Hi! I was wondering - what proteins did you use and how did you measure protein digestion? Or did you choose the other topic?

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