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IB Certificate recognized by Canadian Unis?

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Hi, i'm currently taking IB Certificates, which isn't the full diploma, however I would like to know if it is accepted by some or a few Canadian universities, or if not, would the IB Certificates, as well as the SAT and Subject Tests, as well as TOEFL and a regular high school diploma be accepted as an alternative to the full Diploma Program (offered by my school, so you'd get the certificates in the classes you take and their diploma)? I'm personally looking to do Graphic Design / International Relations or Business/Economics/Marketing, any advice from either those going to Canada or taking certificates? (I might start off with IBDP, then if I can't handle the workload, i'll drop to certificate)

P.S I'm a bit confused on this as I don't know whether or not to take Diploma or Certificate, as i'm starting the program a month late, so i'm not sure I will be able to catch up with the full Diploma Program, and maybe the Certificates might work better so i won't have to do ToK/EE and be able to continue with my extracurriculars (MUN, Debate, and WSC), any advice on this would be appreciated as well :) 

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Canadian universities do take certificates from Canadian students, so they might take them from international students as well. It would be ideal to take Diploma but I understand if that's not possible for you right now.
If you're in doubt, contact the schools you are interested in to see how they evaluate international IB students. Since your target programs are not super competitive I don't think they'll have an issue with it

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