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Hi! For my extended essay, I wanted to write a non-experiment-based research paper on clostridium difficile colitis (a disease in the colon caused by bacteria). I want to talk about the etiology and epidemiology, method of transmission, and growth/reproduction of bacteria in my essay. Does anyone have a good idea on a research question I can use? I'm not sure on how to create a research question about a disease, especially since I am not conducting an experiment. Thank you:)


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Greetings, maybe you could do your question like "The harms of clostridium difficile colitis", " The effects of clostridium difficile colitis on the body", "science preventing clostridium difficile coli from expanding or being stoped", maybe as simple as " what is clostridium difficile colitis" ( i know the IB doesn't like simple), and " clostridium difficile colitis compared to (other bacteria of your choice)". 

Hope that helped. PM me with any questions if you think of one.

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