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Help with DP subject choice plss !!

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So I'm an Egyptian IB student and I want to study software engineering/computer science after finishing my diploma. To study computer science I have to take Maths HL but I don't need physics HL but I took it so I can get into mechanical engineering or something if I changed my mind, this choice made me take this courses :

Maths HL

Physics HL

English B HL

French A L&L SL

Arabic Lit SL

Economics SL

But after the first week i can see that French A L&L is very difficult so I was thinking of changing it to French B HL and demoting physics into SL but that will give me no other qualification if i changed my mind about computer science but it will make it easier for me to get a 36-37; so do I do it or not ??? 

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Greetings, After one week do you fell you might can learn the harder level french with more studying? If not then i would defiantly lower your french level so you have a more chance of higher grades. As for your Physics try to keep it at higher level if you can the more higher level passing grades you have the better you will look in UNI. That being said if you get a higher overall IB score it might look better to other UNI. Like i said above if you can take the higher level Physics and pass i would rather go that route if i was you. If you are un sure about it then drop down to SL level of Physics.


Just depends on the college really about your overall IB Score. 

PM me with any questions 

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Do you have the ability at your school to take 4 HLs? I know plenty of people who have done a similar thing to you (going from a harder Language A1 SL course to an easier Language B HL course) while still keeping all their original HL subjects. Of course this will mean more time in class, but will probably be easier for you than your current situation and should result in the required grades and qualifications :)

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