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IB History or Biology HL

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I want to switch to Bio HL or History HL. Would I be able to cope with BIO of my IGCSE double science grade was BB. My expected grade was CC. I was also in the lowest science set and got an E in my mock in 10th grade. 

As for History I have no prior experience and from the forums I read His HL is incredibly hard to get a 7 and is regarded as one of the most time consuming subjects. Sounds pretty intimidating... My memorizing skills aren't the best. I really am not good at studying. 


IGCSE grades were pretty bad but IB forces you to have 3 HLs. 

If you ask me what I enjoy more I'm not particularly fond of either

help please

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I think you should only take History HL, if you want to do something related to history for your undergrad as history is extremely time consuming. On the hand, I find Biology to relatively easy and I think you would be okay with a bit of practice and memorisation. 

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If your memorization is not good I would definitely not choose Bio. With hard work a 5 in History HL is achievable. But I would definitely not choose Bio HL if your IGCSE grades were bad because it only gets more difficult.

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