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How to appeal for increasing predicted grade, URGENT HELP! it is today!

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Hi guys, basically, my school is giving out predicted grades tomorrow morning. (literally 7 hours away)

I'm afraid if I get lower than I expected in some subjects. Could you advise me plz?

Physic HLlevel 7 in a row for the end of the topic tests, but level 4 in the mocks (end of ib year1) , I submit all the assignments before the deadline.

I can tell the counselor that I will drop to standard (currently 4 highers) to  increase the predicted grade.Like " I will drop  to standard physics. Would you give me a higher grade? cuz I can study even more and concentrate on fewer topics" Is it ok to say that? Do I look like a 'only-score' student? anything else to say?

OR I was going to say a level 5 or less  in physics means a rejection by the unis that I am planning to apply.


Business SL: 5,4,6,7 for end of the topic tests, level 5 in the mocks, kinda strict teacher

In GCSE I started with an  F and achieved B in the  final. Can I say that to show that I am able to do this?  Can I also say that my end of the topic test scores are increasing?


Eng B HL: level 7 in past paper practice, High 6 in mocks, but the teacher is unsure if I am good enough in English, though I participate the most and score highest in the class. 

I did 2014 NOV paper for the mocks and there was no grade boundary published for November. So she used 2014 May grade boundary and gave me a 6. Actually my score can be a 7 or 6 depending on the grade boundary of that year. Can I tell the counselor about this to appeal?


TOK,EE: 7/10 in the practice PPT and EE is in early stage at my school. I really need 3 bonus points

What should I say....



Overall, other than saying "I studied so hard over the summer." and " I will do my best" What can I say to the counselor to  increase these predicted grades?




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Guest TheMagical7

Mate, if you're going to drop Physics HL, think carefully about how you will explain to them that you will be fine with bringing one of your SL subjects to HL.

On another note, predicted grades for WHAT exactly? Your internal assessments? To me it seems that you're obsessed about the mock tests and mock exams - they are just for practice, they do not count towards your end of ib diploma grade. ONLY THE IAs count, and sure, the EE does count but you're going to have tough luck making your EE go up. For IB, the final exams you will be doing in 2018 is worth usually 70% for each subject! You still have a chance, maybe start working harder regularly now?

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If your predicted grades are what determine your success in applying to university, then it would be worthwhile to attempt to raise your predicted marks, although be careful not to look like you're begging for marks. If your success is based off your final IB marks, then I'd say it's probably not worth it, and just do your best to exceed your predicted. 

With Physics, maybe you could look at the marks that you obtained for the SL-only subjects, and use that as a sort of basis to justify why you would perform better in physics SL compared to HL. If you obtained high marks for the SL content, then it would make your position quite a bit stronger. Your situation with Business SL is plausible, I'd say. With English B, if your only 6 (and a high one too) is in the mocks, then it's worth it to attempt to shift it to a 7, especially if you have evidence that your mock exams were of lower quality than usual. Grade boundary issues are kind of iffy, because they can shift quite a bit, and it's always safest to choose the highest one for the predicted marks, so I'd say that it's not that relevant. I doubt that you can actually get a predicted for the bonus with only a ToK essay - your EE would need to be finalized first. 

Overall, I'd say that you should try to find more concrete evidence that you can do better than you did in your mocks. 

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